5 Fun Facts to Know About Whitney Evans Beauty Salon in Knoxville, TN

5 Fun Facts to Know About Whitney Evans Beauty Salon in Knoxville, TN


We are Inspired by Beauty

Since the day Whitney Evans Beauty hair salon opened in Knoxville, TN our team has always been inspired by the art of beauty! Our belief is beauty is not just about having a pretty face it’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul. We currently have 7 artist on our team and each one of us wakes up each day to serve our clients and give them the look that will inspire them to be whoever they want to be!

We Travel Every Year To Learn

We are dedicated to bringing the newest and best salon experience to Knoxville, TN so we know going and spending time with celebrity hairstylist and industry professionals is a great investment that will ensure our clients receive the best service possible! So far places our team has traveled to over the years includes NYC, LA, Chicago, Birmingham AL, Kansas City MO and more exciting locations to come!

We Launched Our Own Product Line

This year we launched our Whitney Evans Beauty product line! #BLONDEBESTIE PURPLE SHAMPOO and #INSTABEAUTY HAIR SPRAY! We decided to launch our own product line after listening to our clients on the products that felt they needed the most! These products are made by hairstylists who have worked with hundreds of thousands of heads of hair and understand that quality ingredients are a must in creating special hair products. Stay tuned for more exciting products to launch in 2019 here in Knoxville, TN!

  1. All Color Service Comes With a Free Cut and Style

That’s right! We believe in a full experience with one cost. All of our clients enjoy a free cut and style every time they are in for a color appointment! This saves our clients so much money compared to other salons that charge separately for each item upon check out.  

  1. All First Time Color Services Receive $25 Off

That’s right! We love new clients and most of all love giving them a look that we know is going to inspire them after they leave Whitney Evans Beauty salon. This special runs year round for all new clients who receive a color service! This offer must be redeemed by using code WEB25 at checkout!


We love helping people find their hairstyle that they LOVE! We cant wait to pamper you! Call our salon at 865-339-4931 or book with us online here!