Why Does Blonde, Balayage and Highlighted Hair Need #BLONDEBESTIE Purple Shampoo?

#BLONDEBESTIE purple shampoo

Why Does Blonde, Balayage and Highlighted Hair Need #BLONDEBESTIE Purple Shampoo?

Everything You Need To Know About #BLONDEBESTIE Purple Shampoo

#BLONDEBESTIE purple shampoo is a shampoo created to remove yellow and brassy tones from blonde, balayage or highlighted hair. The special formulated purple pigments in the shampoo are the #1 fighter to those brassy and yellow tones. If your hair is blonde, balayage or highlighted you want blonde in those areas not brassy or yellow tones.

#BLONDEBESTIE purple shampoo can help natural blondes too. As a natural blonde things like styling your hair with heat, hard water, long days in the sun, etc can produce those unwanted tones. #BLONDEBESTIE purple shampoo was created to help with this as well. A product for all blondes!


How To Use #BLONDEBESTIE Purple Shampoo To Its Fullest Potential?

It’s all about the balance. #BLONDEBESTIE purple shampoo is here to bring balance so you can enjoy your hair and forget about the days of only having your favorite color for a few days. Just consider it your tool to keep your hair the way you want from here on out!

 #BLONDEBESTIE purple shampoo is made to work along with your regular shampoo. This way your hair will stay at its best color and isn’t over pigmented with the special purple formula. Our recommendation is to use #BLONDEBESTIE purple shampoo every other time you use your regular shampoo. This way the purple pigments do their job and keep your hair lightened perfectly. You can find all the details right on the back of the bottle.


How Can You Get #BLONDEBESTIE Purple Shampoo?

We keep #BLONDEBESTIE purple shampoo stocked here in our salon in Knoxville, TN but also take orders through our contact page right here on our website. Very soon we will have the ability to take orders just like you would order something on online from other websites where you can just add it to your cart and checkout! Stay tuned for our next blog!