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New Schedule for Whitney Evans Beauty !

Hello My Lovelies!! Whitney Evans Beauty has been in business for 11 weeks now! My business has absolutely exploded and I can’t thank you all enough for all of your support! Since I am a free spirit and a people pleaser I have been a little crazy over the past few weeks and I feel […] View more

Easy Front Twist Hair Tutorial

Hey Everybody!   March is here and spring is in the air!! I am always trying new ways to fix my hair QUICK! We all have those mornings where you hit snooze too many times and wakeup frantic trying to get ready! This hairstyle is perfect for you!!! My front twist is a go to […] View more

Carrie Underwood Inspired Faux Hawk Updo Tutorial

Happy Friday Everyone! Let me just start out saying that I love Carrie Underwood! I have loved her from the beginning! I remember watching American Idol with my Mom and voting for her from my house phone (seems like a million years ago)! Her style has been flawless from day one and just gets better […] View more

How to Grow Long Healthy Hair

Happy New Year Everyone! With A new year starting there is change in the air! With 2015 being the year of the Lob (long bob for those of you that don’t know) you may be wanting to change your look for 2016! As a stylist behind the chair I get asked my tips for growing […] View more

Bombshell Volume Tutorial

Big hair is EVERYTHING here in the south. It is what we are taught from birth from our momma and their momma and so on. Over the years we have perfected the art of bombshell volume even on the finest and flattest of hair. Follow these tips to get you hair as high as heaven. […] View more

Christmas Hairstyles

Christmas is almost here! With all of the parties and family gatherings everyone wants to look their best! If you are like me I always have several events to go to every year and I love to create different looks for them! Here are 3 Christmas Hairstyles for your next party! For the full step […] View more

The Half Bun Hair Tutorial

We have all been wearing our hair half up since the middle ages, Literally. The same old thing repetitively gets so BORING!! The “half up, half down” hairstyle has went through many changes since then, but it has undergone a makeover! Introducing the Half Bun! I am in love with this style! To me it has […] View more

Balayage: The PERFECT Haircolor

Balayage hair color technique is all the rage right now. The hair painting trend started a few years ago with ombre, some thought it was a passing trend, but balayage is ombre’s classy sister that everyone from your grandma to your best friend can wear! This look is clearly here to stay. So what is […] View more

Ghost Glam Makeup and Hair Tutorial

Halloween is my Favorite time of year!! When I was growing up my Mom always made it super fun for us! We usually made our costumes instead of buying so there was endless creativity. This look is super easy and all you need is a quick trip to the store plus your makeup essentials and […] View more

Premiere Birmingham Hair Show

  Hey Y’all! This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Premiere Birmingham Hair Show! It was such an inspiring weekend full of learning and girl time with my best pals! I seriously work with the best group of women! I feel so lucky because it’s rare that your work family becomes real […] View more