Find Out Why #INSTABEAUTY Hairspray Is Best For Your Hair!


Find Out Why #INSTABEAUTY Hairspray Is Best For Your Hair!

Why Was #INSTABEAUTY Hairspray Created?

We love this question and get asked alot! #INSTABEAUTY hairspray is made with love from hairstylist who have touched over 100,000 heads of hair and counting! After working with this many heads of hair we noticed that the common hairspray only had one spray volume and many of them lacked the vitamin content we know your hair needs. So we went to the lab and worked with leading industry experts on creating a product that allowed us to choose the level of spray volume and integrate provitamins with amino acids to enrich the ingredients of the hairspray. 


3 Levels Of #INSTABEAUTY Hairspray Technology

After working with so many hair types we found that different hair types needed different levels of hairspray! That’s right! The days of one level spraying are gone! #INSTABEAUTY hairspray has 3 levels of spray low, medium and high. This ensures that when you use the hairspray you can get the perfect flex and hold needed for the style you are wearing that day and also save more of your favorite hairspray!


How Well Does #INSTABEAUTY Hairspray Hold?

This was one of our main focuses when we started the process of creating #INSTABEAUTY hairspray. At the end of the day we realize that the reason to use any hairspray is for a great hold! So after testing and research we were able to compare #INSTABEAUTY hairspray to over 10 top salon used hairsprays and found that #INSTABEAUTY hairspray’s hold was as good or better!


Where Can You Buy #INSTABEAUTY Hairspray?

This is another question we get asked alot! We keep #INSTABEAUTY hairspray stocked here in our salon in Knoxville, TN but also take orders through our contact page right here on our website. Coming soon we will have a the ability to take orders just like you would order something on online from other websites where you can just add it to your cart and checkout! Stay tuned!