New Adventure


New Adventure

Hey Y’all!

I am writing to you today straight from my heart. As I am writing this I am only days away from my 28th birthday and my incredible new adventure! This past Wednesday January 27th was my last day working at Enve Salon. It feels so strange even typing this right now because that makes it officially real. Enve has been my home for the past five years and I am forever grateful for all of the wonderful experiences. All of my girls are more than coworkers, they have become my amazing friends and supporters. I feel so lucky to have had an awesome salon environment to help me grow into the stylist I am today. There is no other team of women that compares, I love you all so much!

Change is so hard Y'all! My friends threw me a BYE FELICIA Party with a yummy Potluck! It was so thoughtful and sweet!
Change is so hard Y’all! This is black and white to hide the fact I ugly cried all day! My friends threw me a BYE FELICIA Party with a yummy Potluck! It was so thoughtful and sweet!

Let me just tell you how much I love my job in the beauty industry! Its what I am always working on! I love helping my clients achieve confidence in themselves, I love getting to be creative, and I love creating something unique to whoever I am servicing. I just kept having this vision for myself that I could no longer ignore. All of the stars aligned, and Jesus blessed me, before I knew it My vision became REALITY!

Someone early in my career once told me “When you are
you grow, and when you are
you rot.” This has stuck with me over the years and it wasn’t until recently I understand what It means. I am excited about always learning and challenging myself to be better. When you are complacent you miss out on living to your fullest potential. This new adventure scares and excites me but I am so happy to accept the challenge for myself.

Whitney Evans Beauty will officially open Tuesday February 2nd! My studio will be located at 1313 East Beavercreek Dr Knoxville, TN 37918 in the Powell/Halls area. It will be a studio salon space that will be my own piece of this amazing industry! A studio salon is unique because it allows you to have a space that is completely your own without the overhead of buying a full salon with stylists, etc. You are your own boss and to me that is freedom to pursue all that my heart desires. I will be offering my clients and future clients exciting hair and makeup services! Here is a menu and feel free to call or message me at 865.773.2944 for your next appointment!


Salon Sneak Peak!! More coming soon :)
Salon Sneak Peak!! More coming soon 🙂

The support from my family, clients, and friends has been incredible and humbling. I am so blessed to have all of you in my life! I have to also give a special shout out to my husband Daniel. He is my rock always and has worked so hard to help me! He believes in me when I do not believe in myself and if it was not for that none of this would have ever been possible! I am so excited to kick off my 28th year on this Earth! I feel so blessed to have peace and to be exactly where I feel I am supposed to be!! 2016 is going to ROCK!

Love Y’all! XOXO